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Suggestion for improvement of Typed Reflector

first post: marcoerni wrote: HiI just checked out the source code of the Typed Reflector. After ...

latest post: dcazzulino wrote: great suggestions! making the changing in my code right away :)

support for private sets

first post: Gmoorick wrote: Hi, sometimes I need a property coded like this:public string Somet...

latest post: dcazzulino wrote: I think it makes perfect sense if a property has a public getter, t...

.NET Ria Services

first post: mamadero wrote: .NET Ria Services have a solution that would also work with WPF.

latest post: mamadero wrote: You can check Mix talks of Nikhil (t41f) or Brad Abrams (t40f). I r...

Silverlight Support

first post: mamadero wrote: Have you think about doing something similar for SL?

WLW CrossPost Plugin installer doesn't seem to work in Vista x64

first post: dcazzulino wrote: Created issue Installer doesn't seem to work on Vista x64. Is some...

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