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Project Description
Open source projects contributed by Clarius Consulting developers.

This project is the playground for Clarius Consulting  developers. Here we share samples, demos, tools, etc. that we find interesting.

Each "subproject" is typically owned by someone on our company, and has a corresponding wiki page, and blog entries at Clarius Blogs for the initial announcement and updates.

Unless otherwise noted (by including additional source file headers or an accompanying License.txt file) for a particular subproject, all available source code is licensed under the project license.

New Releases!

  • NETFx Project: Lightweight NuGet packages with reusable source code extending core .NET functionality, typically in self-contained source files added to your projects as internal classes that can be easily kept up-to-date with NuGet.
  • Guard: a lightweight argument validation helper and accompanying code snippets, deployed with NuGet.
  • Reactive Extensions Generator: generates strong-typed extensions to enable the Reactive Extensions (Rx) for arbitrary assemblies.
  • Typed Reflector: Strong-typed reflection API for C# 3.0 based on LINQ expression trees.
  • Moq: Moq is a new mocking library written from scratch to take advantage of the expressiveness of C# 3.0, LINQ expressions and lambdas.
  • IronPython Studio: IronPython Studio is a free full IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for the Python programming language
  • Storyboard Designer: A sample application running on top of the VS Shell Isolated mode to envision the requirements of an application
  • Svg2Xaml: easily batch-convert SVG files to XAML
  • WLW Cross-Post Plugin: single-click cross-posting of back-linked blog entry summaries from Windows Live Writer.
  • Standalone Validation Block: attribute-driven validation of entities with deep support for WPF databinding and its validation infrastructure.
  • ViewModel Tool: This custom tool generates the annoying and repetitive code required to support rich data-binding against a view model. This release supersedes the older DataBinding Custom Tool.


This project is sponsored by Clarius Labs.

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